**The Step By Step Rent to Rent Business Plan**

Unlocking the Secrets of
Rent to Rent

This is the ultimate day of Rent to Rent training - in the privacy of your own home!  Absolutely everything that I would provide in a normal one-day course but without the added hassle of travel or even getting dressed.

You can get instant access to live recordings of the Sept 2019 course including all the Q&A and Live Feedback, Downloaded Resources and Materials and everything you need to get started now!


What will you learn?

You will learn the same things you would in the normal in person course. You will be able to download the workbook and you'll get access to my scripts, templates, spreadsheets and more. The course is relevant to both HMO and Serviced Accommodation Providers - with a main focus on how to structure the overall Rent to Rent and then be able to apply either strategy once you've got the property.

Legal Requirements

I'll answer the questions about the legalities of Rent to Rent, including what types of contracts to use, what types of insurance you need, what professional bodies to join, and options on how to structure your business.  You will be ready to operate!

How to Find the Properties

You will learn how to find your goldmine area.  We will walk step by step on screen through the online research you can do to find the best area for you. Then we will look at floorplans and discuss pros and cons so you know exactly what to look for when you do your search

What to Say to the Owner

You will get my proven scripts and templates for setting up viewings with agents and landlords along with my marketing templates. I'll show you how to explain Rent to Rent so that owners and agents understand why they should work with you!

Finding and Managing Tenants

You will learn how to test tenant demand, be a secret shopper to beat the competition and get through all the referencing and paperwork to make sure you've got the best possible tenants!

Systemising to Make Life Easy

You'll learn the steps to take to keep from replacing your day job with the job of landlord! I'll show you how I built my team to manage over 100 tenants so that I can spend less than 10 hours per week working.

Ready to Get Started?


Who is this Course for?

This course is for you if you are early in your Rent to Rent journey.  Either a beginner that's just getting started or someone with up to 3 Rent to Rent's under their belt that wants to learn how to accelerate and systemise.  You are also someone that doesn't want to waste their time traveling to a venue or spend half the course listening to an upsell.  Because we are online you just have to be able to access your computer and the internet and because I don't have to pay for a venue - there won't be an upsell during the course!

Why Should You Attend?

You will finish with a step by step action plan tailored to you with exectly what you need to do next in your Rent to Rent business.  You won't have to wonder or worry about whether you are looking in the right area or what you should say to the next agent you speak to. You will have all the tools you need to move forward, find the deal, negotiate with ease, get the contracts signed and start generating cash flow!  

"Having read Jacquie's book & listened to her (and other people's) webinars I still got more info from this day! Well Done!"


"The one day course helped me to consolidate the knowledge from Jacquie's book. It gave me the confidence to make calls."


"This course has given me a sense of confidence in the Rent to Rent Strategy"


"After the course I now know what actions to concentrate on and in what order."


"I have a clear idea how to go about my marketing strategy also this course has been insightful in terms of the different types of strategies in acquiring tenants and attracting landlords."


"The course gave me more confidence to decide where to start."


"I gained practical tools which can be put into practice straight away."


"An increase in knowledge leading to confidence to pursue this method of income stream."


In a Nutshell

You will feel confident that you are ready to move forward and conquor the Rent to Rent world - starting with the next action on your tailored action plan! The following is a quick summary of what you'll have at the end of the course.

  • A fast track overview of Rent to Rent and how it fits in with HMOs and Serviced Accommodation
  • Your plan to financial freedom including the simple 2 page business plan template.
  • An understanding of how to establish your budget - including the easy budget spreadsheet.
  • Confidence that your business is legal and ready to go.  Get the checklist for setting up your business including key power team contacts, all the legal requirements, creating a professional image, business structure, insurance requirements, and more!
  • All the tools you need to assess your goldmine area by testing tenant demand, understanding local prices, geting to know the competition, and estimating bills.
  • Proven deal calculator and an understanding of how to run the numbers so you can be sure you are getting the best deals.
  • An understanding of local and national requirements such as what Article 4 and HMO Licensing really mean for your business (hint - you won't be scared away by them anymore).
  • Which contracts to use and when.
  • The scripts to get your viewings and deals lined up!
  • The negotiation tactics to help you understand the onwer / agent's problem and how you can solve it with Rent to Rent.
  • How to analyse floorplans and what to look for in properties so that you can add massive value and increase the cashflow.
  • Top tips for staging and marketing to attract your ideal tenants.
  • How to expertly reference your tenants so only the best are living with you.
  • And More...

I can't wait to see YOU online!