This can be a tricky area.  I am super confident that the information I provide is valuable and can help you grow your business, but I know it can be hard to buy things online site unseen, especially if you haven't worked with me or my material in the past.

I never want people to be unhappy so I'm usually pretty relaxed about refunds if you truly didn't find value in the information / product or if you genuinely purchased the wrong product. 

PLEASE - contact me about a refund before contacting your bank or credit card because I get charged a whole load of fees and the process takes even longer for something I would normally just refund you for anyways.

But just so we are clear on the law - once you've opened an electronic file or started a course - you are not entitled to a refund.  Some people try to quote the consumer protection legislation to me when demanding a refund - first of all - chill out and just ask politely...and second of all - there is different legislation for downloadable material and material accessed online so make sure you know the rules.  Here some info from (

But seriously - first just ask as I'm not in the business of making people unhappy and if your purchase isn't what you expected and you truly aren't getting value from it then let's chat.  But if I think you are taking the piss then there won't be a refund.

Note: Some courses have specific refund policies.  These will be stated in the course materials.

Coaching and Mentoring: If you have started any of your sessions there is no refund. Otherwise as long as you cancel at least 48 hours in advance for calls of 60 minutes or less or 96 hours for longer meetings then you can request a refund.


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