How to Test Tenant Demand in Spareroom

Spareroom is basically the first place I went to when I was researching my area, and for any other areas this is my go-to place. This is where you can have a first glance into whether there are enough tenants in your area to do HMO. There are a few things you need to take into account when doing this. Firstly, this is not an exact science; it’s just to give you a general feeling of whether it could work in a specific area.

Most cities work for HMO. If there’s employment opportunities and decent public transport you’re already on the right track. But it could be that a specific area is starting to get oversaturated with HMO’s. If that is the case, don’t get discouraged, there might still be opportunity there as we’ve discussed in one of our previous LIVE sessions.

Spareroom is the biggest portal in the UK for tenants looking for house share. The other portals are Open Rent, Easy Roommate, Gumtree etc. Please note that the months from the end of September to December are very slow months to do this kind of research in. This seasonality should be considered. And this can also vary from area to area.

To see how to do your researches on Spareroom watch our short video here.

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