How to Start a Rent to Rent Business

For those who are looking for in-depth know-how on setting up your Rent to Rent business, you can hop on over to Amazon and buy one of my best-selling books there. But when it comes to setting up your Rent to Rent business you will need to first get the business set up as a legal entity. You will need to have a business bank account. And you need to have your ombudsman, redress scheme in place. Getting your insurance in order. So in general, step one is getting all your admin in place.

In terms of business, this is usually the boring stuff that nobody really wants to do and it’s also not the kind of things that makes you feel like you’ve massively progressed in your business such as when you’re looking for properties or going to viewings, but it’s incredibly important. This shouldn’t take up all of your time, but it’s incredibly important to ensure that this is set up correctly right from the start.

This also includes the professional image of the business; your website, your number etc. This is what will make people take you seriously. It’s only once all of this has been done that you can really get into the property aspect of the business by researching your area and finding potential properties.

If you want to find out some more helpful tips and tricks on how to get your Rent to Rent business started, watch our short video here.

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