How to Get More Rent to Rent Leads (Property management, R2R)


How do you maximise your Rent to Rent leads? Because at the end of the day; the more leads you have, the more deals you’ll have. The one thing that’s extremely important to note is that it’s one thing to learn all these methodologies – it’s another to put them into action. But without further ado, let’s jump into some of the most powerful strategies:

Talk to your local letting agent

This methodology works whether you have HMO’s or Service Accommodation. But remember; it’s key that you talk to a letting agent and not a normal real estate or sales agent since their commission comes from selling and they’re probably not going to be very interested in renting out a property that’s listed for sale (which will earn them more commission). Working with a letting agent does take a bit of time, because you have to build a business relationship and credibility with them. Until that happens they probably won’t feel too comfortable talking to clients about you yet. Their first priority is their client’s happiness. Sadly, not everyone comes across as professional or is actually running their Rent to Rent businesses the right way.

To find out what the other strategies for getting more Rent to Rent leads are, watch our short video here.

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