HMOs vs SA - Which is better?

Which is the best way to go; HMO or Service Accommodation? My biggest tip for everyone who’s just gotten started in property investing is to really pick one of these and focus 100% on it. And they are very different management styles. You need different systems to run these as well. It will be very tricky to start both of these at the same time. You can always add the other strategy later down the line once the first has been established.

HMO’s and SA’s require very different properties. SA’s are generally one or two bedroom flats and HMO’s are bigger houses. If you approach estate agents and tell them that you are looking for anything (due to the fact that you are focusing on BOTH strategies at the same time), they won’t really be able to assist you properly and might not even take you too seriously (if it seems like you don’t know what you want).

So which one is the best strategy to start with? To find out what the answer to this regularly asked question is as well as the reasoning behind it, watch our short video here.

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