Useful Files

These are the documents we used to
get our profitable Rent to Rent business
up and running!


Gold Bundle

This is the ULTIMATE Rent to Rent bundle which includes EVERYTHING from the Bronze and Silver Bundles ALONG WITH our Notice Board Documents, which are the files that we have in every one of our houses to help the tenants settle in and know what to do in any emergency.

Silver Bundle

This Intermediate level bundle includes everything from the bronze bundle (Rent to Rent scripts and Marketing Letters) PLUS the Project Tracking & Deal Calculator so that you can quickly assess deals and focus on those that have the highest cash flows!

Bronze Bundle

This beginner level bundle includes our 3 scripts to get you started and give you confidence talking to agents and landlords ALONG WITH our 3 proven letters to send directly to HMO landlords explaining how you can help them with Rent to Rent.

Rent to Rent Contracts

The contracts are here!  Get instant access to a commercial lease agreement AND a management agreement that you can use as a tool to help you understand the possibilities and options of Rent to Rent so that you can begin to structure your deals!


More Useful Files

Website Marketing Videos

Looking for Training?

If you want to learn more about how to get your Rent to Rent business setup - step by step - then checkout our Rent to Rent Courses to see which one best suits you!