Rent to Rent Contracts

Structure Your Deals Like a Pro

I'm sure you will agree that it can be difficult to get started with Rent to Rent. There are a lot of things to learn and there is always the fear that you just don't know enough and don't have the answers to all the questions landlords and agents will ask.

I had the same problem when I was getting started.  Landlords and agents were asking me questions like:

  • What happens if you can't pay me? 
  • What happens if you go bankrupt?
  • Who pays for what?
  • What happens if...if...if...

And I didn't know the answer to most of these questions UNTIL I had a Rent to Rent agreement created for me.  Then I realized that most of the technical "how to" questions are answered inside the contract.  I started put a blank version of the contract into all my marketing packs and the deals started getting much easier! 


What Would it Be Worth To You?

To see exactly how it works?  To see exactly what I put in each and every one of my Rent to Rent contracts?  I'm not a solicitor (and I do recommend that you have one check over your final contracts) but I can show you what has worked to build my Rent to Rent business with over £100k of property profit per annum.

These contracts not only give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have a structure to follow and answers to any questions that the landlord or agent might ask but it also gives you ideas on other negotiating points, clauses that you may never have thought of and a fast way to move forward with your latest deal!  Don't spend weeks negotiating and trying to put it all together yourself, start with a proven template. 

Don't lose another deal because you don't know the next step.  Move forward with confidence and show your landlord or agent that you are a professional.  Do you think that every letting agent writes a bespoke contract for each of their clients? Landlords want you to make their lives easier and these contracts can help you move forward quickly.

How much profit will you make on one Rent to Rent deal?  £500 per month?  £1,000 per month? More?!

And how much are you losing from not doing that next deal? From not knowing how to answers the landlord or agent's questions? £500? £1,000? More?!

What would it be worth to you to have a template that you can use to understand the structure of the deal and to help your landlords and agents to understand the structure of the deal?  So that you can quickly come to an agreement and move forward and start making money!

What's Included?

Different situations call for different types of contracts.  And this package includes examples of 2 of the key types of contracts you should be using with the owner of the property for your Rent to Rent deals.

  • Management Agreement - This is the type of contract you will want to use if the owner has a mortgage on the property.  Similar to what a letting agent uses to "manage the property on behalf of the owner."  This template will give you an example of how you can structure your deals so that you aren't "sub-letting" and this is the simplest type of contract to use in almost any situation.
  • Commercial Lease Agreement - A little bit more complicated but great to use if the owner doesn't have a mortgage or any concerns about sub-letting.  It is based on the contracts used by businesses to lease their commercial premises so this contract helps set you apart from a standard letting agent and helps you create a real business case for the owner.

Both contracts have the standard terms and conditions that I use in my Rent to Rent business along with comments and suggestions about how to tailor them to suit your bespoke deals. Including structuring break-clauses, different ways to negotiate maintenance, what happens if there are any defaults, and more!

You get the contracts - clause by clause.  They are designed for educational purposes so that you can structure your deals with confidence. More than 15 pages of terms and conditions are included with these contracts so that you can make sure you understand the ins and outs of Rent to Rent and are able to explain how it all works to landlords and agents. 

These are perfect to provide as samples of what you deal structure will look like so that the landlord can take it home and read through it and feel comfortable that all of their questions are answered and their property is safe in your hands.


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